Hydraulic and Mechanical Clutch Systems, Flywheels, Pressure Plates, Release Bearings, Front and Rear Drive Axles, Constant Velocity (CV) Axle Boots, Drive Shafts replace or overhaul, Universal Joints, Center Support Bearings

Windshield, Door Glass, Quarter Glass, Rear Windscreen, Moon/Sun Roofs

Summer scorchers and winter blizzards are no problem with our help, as we keep you comfortable with heat and AC servicing year-round. Whether you need a replacement or repair, our mechanics know how to handle your car's electric HVAC systems.

Serving Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Gloucester, Camden, Philadelphia, Burlington Counties & New Jersey

Engine Diagnostics

Feel safe on the road with full tire service at our shop, available for all makes and models of vehicles, from compact cars to pickup trucks. Let us find the right tire to fit your driving needs, as we offer service and replacement for all sizes of tires, in addition to computerized electronic alignments for superior accuracy.

Auto Repair

Electrical System Repairs

It's difficult to find a mechanic who is comfortable with working on imported vehicles, but you don't have to look any longer. Foreign car repairs are our specialty here at Reds & Son in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Brakes & Rotors

Battery, Wiring, Lights, Charging Systems, Alternator, Starter, Horn, Wipers,  Power Windows,Window Motors and Regulators, Power Locks, Power Mirrors

Engine Performance, Fuel and Exhaust System Repair

Auto Glass

Clutches, Axles and Drive Shafts


338 N 13th street Philadelphia (13th & Callowhill)

Check Engine light on? Not a problem. At Reds and Son you will find technicians who diagnose and repair all drivability and performance problems you are experiencing. With the latest diagnostic analyzers, we repair your foreign car correctly, from floor acceleration issues to minor vibrations. Seeing that annoying malfunction indicator? Look to us to detect and fix the problems.

Complex imported brake systems are no problem here at our shop, where we have the knowledge and skills to successfully diagnose and service your foreign-made vehicle. Does your car have an ABS® brake system? Have your brake issues diagnosed and repaired at our location.

Pads, Horse shoe, Calipers, Master Cylinders, Electronic Brake Systems, Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS), Emergency Brakes, Parking Brake.

Tire Service & Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignments, Tire Balancing,  Electronic Stability Control (ESP), Traction Control, Air and Hydraulic Suspensions, Rack and Pinion, Ball Joints, Tie rods, Springs, Shocks, Struts, Bushings, Control Arms

Heating & Air Conditioning

Fuel lines, Fuel injectors, Fuel pumps, Fuel Tanks, Carburetors, Tail Pipes, Mufflers, Catalytic Converters, Manifolds, Gaskets,  Tune Ups, Spark Plugs, Ignition Coils and Wires, Senors, Turbochargers, Superchargers, Computer Control Units, Engine and Transmission Management Systems

REDS AND SON Since 1929

Steering and Suspension